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About us

          Orizont Cultural T  is a professional association, non-governmental and non-profit organization open in 2006. We focuses in promoting high quality in education, intercultural tolerance and appreciation, life-long learning programs, in the respect of human rights, peace, democracy, fighting against poverty, discrimination and social inclusion.


GRUNDTVIG-PAR    GRU-10-P-LP-57-DJ-TR       Mainstream of Integrating Adults through -Soul of the Music Energy"

GRUNDTVIG-GIVE   GRU-11-GIVE-12-DJ-IT        Elder's solidarity in Local Communities

GRU-VISA      GRU-11-VISA-27-DJ-PL       Grundtvig European Conference on Adult Volunteering,

GRUNDTVIG -GIVE  GRU-13-GIVE-14-DJ-IT        ACTIV EU (Active  European Citizens  through volunteering)


Meet our staff


Rodica Victoria Miala


Roxana Gabriela Timplaru


Silvia Cartu

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